Celebrating the Weird World of Comics

It Came From Off-Panel! is a podcast and blog that celebrates the truly weird stuff that happens in comic books. We all know and love heroes like Superman and Spider-Man, Batman and Captain America–but what about the oddballs? The ones that don’t make it into the film adaptations? And what about the strange tales that have accumulated over the decades that these characters have existed? It Came From Off-Panel! is here to talk about Sam Wilson’s half-vampire bird, Detective Chimp’s stint as the host of a rhyming demon, and all the other mind-bending stories that comics have given us.

Latest Blog Posts

Robin’s Gear

Batman, famously, has no super-powers—he relies on an assortment of gadgets in his fight against crime. The same is true of his allies, including Tim Drake, the third Robin. Robin doesn’t necessarily have a huge assortment of gear at his disposal, but he has a few gadgets that I thought he really couldn’t do without.Continue reading “Robin’s Gear”

Character Build: Tim Drake

One of the things I’d like to do in the TTRPG space is to build comic book characters in my current favorite tabletop game, Pathfinder 2E. Our inaugural character–and the focus of the first episode of the upcoming podcast–is none other than Tim Drake, also known as Tim Wayne, also known as Alvin Draper, alsoContinue reading “Character Build: Tim Drake”

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