Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Episode 2: Departure

After a long absence, we’re back to Gundam! I’ve missed you, mecha! As you may or may not recall, last episode ended with the Argama blowing a hole in the side of our protagonist’s colony. We open with the Rick Dias team–that’s Quattro, Roberto, and Apolly–assisting with the destruction so that they can get insideContinue reading “Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Episode 2: Departure”

Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 41: A Cosmic Glow

It’s Gundam time! After Gihren’s “Hitler was awesome” rant last episode, his dad, Degwin, has decided that the kid has gone too far. The Zeon monarch secretly abandons his son as we pick things up this week, heading out to initiate peace talks with the Earth Federation. Good for you, Degwin, growing a conscience! NoContinue reading “Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 41: A Cosmic Glow”

Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 40: Lalah’s Dilemma

Hey! We took a week off, but we’re back–back in a Gundam mood! As we pick up from last episode, the Gundam is in need of serious repairs. More than that, it’s in need of an upgrade, since Amuro has become to fast for the machine to keep up with. There are rumblings on theContinue reading “Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 40: Lalah’s Dilemma”

Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 35: The Glory of Solomon

Having departed Side 6 without making any significant repairs, the White Base is in need of resupply. Thus, this week’s episode begins with our heroes meeting with a Federation supply ship to restock and get their new marching orders. In an unexpected twist, the captain of the supply ship is none other than Commandant Wakkein!Continue reading “Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 35: The Glory of Solomon”

Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 34: A Fateful Encounter

After last week’s fiasco, Side 6 is eager to get the White Base out of its hair. The crew makes preparations to leave the colony, but they’ve got to wait for Amuro to return from a trip he made into town to see his father. On his way to the junkyard to visit Tem, AmuroContinue reading “Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 34: A Fateful Encounter”

Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 32: Breakthrough

This episode picks up almost immediately after the last one: the White Base is just coming out of its most recent clash with Char. We can tell not much time has passed because Kai is still taking the shower that all the pilots went to at the end of episode 31. Unfortunately for our heroes,Continue reading “Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 32: Breakthrough”

A Brief Interlude to Discuss Mental Health

Hi, folks. I know Monday is normally my day to discuss Mobile Suit Gundam, but I wanted to put that on hold for a minute and instead write about where I’m at, mentally. Reading about the experiences of creators I admire helped me deal with some of my own mental health issues, and I feelContinue reading “A Brief Interlude to Discuss Mental Health”

Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 31: A Decoy in Space

This episode picks up directly where last week’s left off: Bright and Mirai are meeting with Federation brass, where they learn that White Base is to be used as a decoy. The goal of White Base’s operation is to distract the Zeons, allowing the powerful Tianem fleet to reach Luna II unmolested. From there, theContinue reading “Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 31: A Decoy in Space”

Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 30: A Wish of War Orphans

This week picks up not long after the previous episode. The White Base is still in Jaburo; while the base managed to repel Char’s initial attack, it’s still being routinely bombed by Zeon forces. The Federation doesn’t seem fazed by these assaults, but we soon see their utility: Char uses this latest bombing run asContinue reading “Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 30: A Wish of War Orphans”

Build Divers Re:RISE Draws to A Satisfying Close

The most recent Gundam series, Gundam Build Diver Re:RISE, reached its conclusion yesterday. With the show wrapped up, I wanted to take a moment to look back on this entry in the Gundam franchise. Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Re:RISE was fighting an uphill battle. A sequel to the controversial Build DiversContinue reading “Build Divers Re:RISE Draws to A Satisfying Close”